Facebook Ads Guidelines: Best Practices and Insider Tips

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Facebook Ads Guidelines: Best Practices and Insider Tips

As you know that to run any business advertising campaigns facebook has made it very easy. You can manage number of work through facebook advertising. And you must have to consider several type of factors for facebook advertising work like ads placement, ads format. Target audience. You have to align the ads elements with budget and objectives.
This platform is hard to ignore it because it is one of the cheapest option available. There are many industries who have average advertisement cost per click range and the range is 0.70$ to 2.5$. And this price range will falls within most marketing budgets. You can also do easily derail your ads budget if you will fail to account for the other factor which are mentioned above.
You must have to work with a professional Facebook advertising company with will help you to generate high quality returns and results and they will also help you to avoid rookie mistakes. Sevenovn also provide you these all type of services and Sevenovn will provide you professional persons who will make your work very easy and profitable for you and provide you a great return in the end result. Sevenovn will optimize your ads assets, position your ads strategically and also know that how to allocate campaign resources. So you must have to learn that who is top of partnering agency. And how they will help you with their best practices that experts follow to achieve cost effective outcomes.

Guidelines for Facebook Ads

Sevenovn want to tell you that there is first part of the guide is that to focuses on your design and technical aspects of your Facebook advertising. Let’s talk about the way through the available ad formats and their specified dimensions.
As expert we want to tell you that you and your Facebook advertising agency can choose the type of ad to use, also observing about the correct resolution, dimensions and must have to ensure your visual assets will also display properly on all over the platform.

Image Format

There is a simple format for ads on Facebook that combine image ads with text that will capture the attention of your target market.

 Video Format
your goal, ultimately, is to drive users to your website and inspire conversion. No other format is more effective in helping you achieve this than video ads. These visual assets are an engaging way to present your product, service or brand. They help you deliver a message that moves viewers to take action.

Carousel Format

When you are going to add carousel in you advertisement you can add up to 10 images or videos.  That is enough for you to show your different offering things like products and services etc to tell each and everything about your brand.

Slideshow Format
In slideshow you can show also your steps and it will also appear in motion pictures sound and text but it always with lightweight requirements. These slideshows are easier to make and load quickly than video.


When you are making collection then you can add cover image or video also which followed by several product images. Whenever a customer click on your ad it will view in full screen landed page which is called instant experience. This will effect on user and it will be beneficial for your products.


You can select the process on facebook ads by choosing the message objective and you can capture the attention of the target audience through these facebook ads.

Sevenovn also help you in all the fields of Digital Marketing and let you know that how you can work on different things and how you will manage in the future. Sevenovn will provide you all type of professional and technical skills also to make these ads and manage things to take you on next level.

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