TikTok Marketing How to Dance Your Way to New Customers

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TikTok Marketing How to Dance Your Way to New Customers

What is TikTok marketing?

TikTok is a social media platform that grants users to upload and Connect with videos up to three minutes long. TikTok marketing catch utilizing TikTok and its aspect to reach your audience. 

You can reach TikTok users over both paid and organic (volunteer) content. More on that later.

 But the best part of marketing on TikTok is that you don’t need any videos practice to get started. We need an idea and a smartphone to become a TikTok. 

What is Organic TikTok marketing?

The TikTok terminal has several ways for users to watch videos, and one very necessary part of this is the “For You” page. 

The “For You” page is the most important page where TikTok recommends videos to users. You may also see brands ads while scrolling here. 

According to TikTok Algorithm, content is recommended based on factors like:

How users interact with videos

Details description about the videos

The device and settings someone uses.

So, if you frequently like and comment on videos of dogs, you’ll probably see more videos of dogs on your “For You” page. 

A video’s popularity doesn’t guarantee a spot on everyone’s “For You” page, which gives fewer creators a chance to grow. 

Some Great ways 

  • Using trending and business-related hashtags
  • Using trending audio (like songs or dialogue)
  • Adding captions to your videos
  • Paid TikTok marketing

If you like organic (unpaid) marketing on TikTok, you may want to consider investing in ads on the app, too. You can do this over the TikTok Ads Manager platform.

TikTok offers social businesses several, including: 

  • Top View ads, which appear when someone first opens the TikTok app
  • In-Feed ads, which show up on a user’s “For You” page
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges, which encourage the users to share videos using a branded hashtag
  • Brand Effects, which allows TikTokers to use your branded stickers, filters, and other effects in their videos
  • TikTok offers businesses several ad formats


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