Design your Website in a High-Def world

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Design your Website in a High-Def world

In the first design considerations that a web designer has to make the resolution that the project is going to construct. Will your site be optimized for (800×600)? For 1024?

Is there your width be fluid or fixed? Will your website work for mobile devices? There are certainly a lot of screen resolutions to consider the things now there were just a few years ago.

You can also read too many articles which are written about small designing for mobile devices, but the thing is that what about the largest common resolution. Is HD commonly referred to as HD or High-Def? In this article, Sevenovn shows you a process to make a website work for multiple resolutions using a real-world case study. Granted, Debut Creative, you can use this without dealing with High Definition but why are you not too extreme?

The Debut Creative was designed recently to work with High Definition.



HD (High Definition) is getting more consumer use in the last couple of years with the decreasing of the price point of HD television sets. They can not only easy to hook up to High definition capable computers but on the other hand modern gaming devices like PlayStation, Wii, Xbox 360 also have an internet-enabled browsers which you can be used to browse the web. So now the time is come to consider the designing according to this popular format.

While you are using Photoshop all that things are visible in the gradient layer that we want to size to the edges for the different resolutions.

When you click on the image you will see the full-scale version. The solution is; a JavaScript Resolution Sniffer with Dynamic Background image calls.

So for this purpose, we have to make the different types of images and background which are helpful to show our website design and it must be very attractive for the customer.


JavaScript Working

In JavaScript, we have all of our Images and we are now ready to call them dynamically into our site. This script works very well with multiple monitors and systems as well. Normally when it gets the width of screen value, at the same time it detects the width of your primary browser not the resolution of your entire desktop.


CSS Working

CSS is used to give a great look to your website. All the designs are viewed by the customer. It’s all designed from the CSS side. Your backgrounds, colors, margins, paddings other transitions are also performed at the same place. There are use different types of classes for the website these classes are added in CSS files and you do not add them in JS files will force them to work.



When you made your website completely. Then you must have to check that! Is your site is working? You have to change your desktop resolution and refresh your site and if you have a multiple monitor system then you will only have to change the resolution of your primary monitor to test and also about the regardless of what monitor the browser is in.

Sevenovn also has a proper team and we are also giving support to our clients if you need professional and technical support for your brand. We are here to help you and support you in all these types of fields and we will take your brand on the beginning level to the higher step in the world.

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