What is Web design and development

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What is Web design and development

Web design and Web development

Let’s have start with an overview of web design vs. web development.

Web design Solution,

Web design depends on creating different graphical elements for online use. Designers may create infographics, post, ads, logos but a large target — and the focus of this video — is on the visual look and feel of a website.

Some things web designers generally do are:

Wireframe design prototypes

Create homepage/ Index page, inner pages, and landing pages

Work with Web developers and project managers to build and redesign websites

When Programmers work on websites, designers typically focus on how they can create a user-friendly experience (UX) for site visitors.

They use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, or Illustrator to create the elements that will make up your site.

UX design development is an emerging form of web design that’s all about making sure everything you create has the user in mind. UX designers make sure websites are designed for different devices, such as mobile screen desktop and tablet screens the layout is practical and easy to follow.

Designers may have some basic knowledge of code, such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript but a lot of their work target a website’s appearance.

A developer may usually work with a content management system (CMS) to get your website online and available to users. Some common management systems include:


A good portion of a web developer’s work is also focused on maintaining websites, so doing things like upgrading the CMS (content management system), managing the security, and offering web support for any issues that arise.


If you really want to improve your website, you should think of web design and development as two main essential areas that work together. It’s not designer vs. developer in most cases. You need both to have a modern website that works well for clients.

What do a web design and web development agency do?

When you hire an agency that targets both web design and development, you will get the best of both worlds.


First, you have a team of people recommended to make sure your website looks modern and captures your brand identity. Second thing is, you can be sure that your website is going to do what you want it to do.


If you want animation on your homepage? Designers and developers can work on that and also Want to create interactive graphs that tell a story? Designers and developers can do that, too.


If you hire a full-service agency, your team will likely include search engine optimization (SEO) (off-page/ on-page optimization) in your web design package so more people can find you when they’re using Google, Bing, DuckDuck, or another search engine. SEO is so important because over half of all web traffic is said to come from organic search.


To be successful, your website needs to look good, efficient and user-friendly create a good user experience and be optimized for search engines. A good web designer and development team will make sure you got all of these criteria.



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